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How to Add Arabic Language on Samsung Galaxy 5

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As we know android (at many region) doesnt support arabic language, not only write but also read arabic fonts. If we receive sms or browse web that contain arabic fonts, android only shows square symbols. Its very annoying, isn’t it.
I have been looking for how to add arabic language in android, I found many forum discuss and many android user complaining about it.
I also found web ardoid.com that have tutorial how to add arabic to android, but it doesn’t support samsung android :(

Then i found a ‘radical’ way how to add arabic language. I flash my android using firmware from arabic regional.

Backup app and other data first, because flashing make android back to factory default (hard reset). The steps are likely upgrading galaxy 5 firmware to froyo, but we will use galaxy 5 Arabic firmware version 2.1 eclair.

Here are the details how to flash Samsung Galaxy 5 to Arabic firmware:

What you will NEED!

1. A Samsung Galaxy 5.
2. The 2.1 Arabic Firmware gt-i5503 (click here to download password = samfirmware.com).
If you are using other samsung devices, find and download your arabic firmware at http://www.samfirmware.com/android.htm
3. ODIN downloader (click here to download).
4. OPS files (click here to download).
5. A windows PC + samsung data cable.

- Make sure your device is fully charged!
- Be sure to backup all your data!
- Your phone does not need to be rooted to get this working.
- To avoid problem, after backup factory reset your phone by entering the following code: *#*#7780#*#*

Download all the files above, and make sure you have the latest version of KIES software installed.

Extract the RAR to get *.tar file (or *.tar.md5)

Open ODIN Downloader.
MAKE SURE you select Auto Reboot and Protect Ops checkboxes. Unselect One Package checkbox.
Select the Ops file (the file we downloaded earlier).
Select .tar (or .tar.md5) image file (BOOT, PHONE, PDA, CSC)

Backup you phone and data with the KIES software (after you are done exit KIES)
Turn OFF the Galaxy 5 and remove the Battery
Reinsert The Battery and Press the following buttons together
Hold the buttons together till you see the downloading screen

Step 5
Now Connect your Phone with your PC using the ORIGINAL DATA cable and wait for windows to finish installing the hardware
Once you get a prompt – “the device is ready to use”
Fire up ODIN DOWNLOADER (make sure the settings are same as before) Your phone will now show up connected in Com Port

STEP 6 (Final Step)
CLICK START and wait for process to FINISH/PASS, once done your device will automatically reboot and will have Android 2.1 with arabic language running on it.
If you find difficulty on arabic menu, go to the menu setting and choose english language. By using english language, you still can read and write arabic, and if you want to write arabic go to the menu writing language to choose your prefer writing language.


What are the difference between 2.1 Arabic Firmware and 2.1 Asia/Eropa/USA Firmware:
+ You can read and write in Arabic language
- There is no Market application
+ Instead of market app, theres SlideME app (like market) and many islamic app from the SlideME

Anyway if you want install market app, do this steps:

NOTE: please back up your DATA because this process will hard reset your phone! you have been WARNED!

step 1: go to Menu–>settings–>Date and Time–> and check/choose ‘use 24-hour format’ option

step 2: Then go to phone keypad and type *#272*XXXX# P.S. The ‘XXXX’ here are not letters but any 4 number digits that tells you your current time. For example, if your clock shows 12:30 PM then enter *#272*1230# and so on.
If this doesnt work, just dial *#272*IMIE Number# just replace the current time with your IMIE number of your phone and this can change the region to XSG……and u will get your android market installed…

Step 3: As soon as you enter the code you will be greeted with a settings, simply scroll down and choose ‘XSG’ —> then install market

step 4: when market installation is completed the phone will automatically hard-reset itself wiping all your existing DATA on the process.

step 5: reboot your phone and congratulation you now have Android market on your stock firmware!

step 6: enjoy and start downloading apps from the market


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  1. Comment by Amino | 10/02/11 at 4:31 am


    Could you say if it is compatable with samsung galaxy s GT19000?


  2. Comment by corefight | 10/02/11 at 8:15 am

    yupz, you can find the latest arabic version i9000 firmware at http://www.samfirmware.com/WEBPROTECT-i9000.htm

  3. Comment by fadhel | 12/02/11 at 1:57 am

    thank you thank you thank you

    It worked

    it is great

  4. Comment by lazreg | 20/02/11 at 3:02 am

    the links for odin and ops files don’t work anymore :-/
    please help !

  5. Comment by lazreg | 20/02/11 at 3:05 am

    rapidshare is making me crazy :-/
    now i downloaded odin multiloader v4.28
    but it tells me that the ops files have 0kb as size !

  6. Comment by + Forex | 03/04/11 at 5:35 pm

    Interesting …

  7. Comment by dana | 10/04/11 at 12:43 pm

    the device in not coming up in the odin download in COM PORT :( i did like you said…press the volume key/home key/power key and the downloading screen shoes, but when i connect it…nothing happens
    help please

  8. Comment by aviv | 11/04/11 at 10:05 am

    to dana: please close first your odin and samsung kies. power off your galaxy, then press volume down+center button+power button (downloading mode), after that open your odin. and it will detect your galaxy

  9. Comment by abady | 10/05/11 at 10:24 am

    I need to know if glaxy s support the arabic language and how to do that

  10. Comment by asse | 31/05/11 at 6:41 am

    Now my phone dosent start :( what will i do ? please help!

  11. Comment by saed | 21/06/11 at 4:24 am

    galaxy s supports arabic fonts u need an expert to do it for you

  12. Comment by ahmdchm | 04/07/11 at 10:10 am

    how long the step 5 taks

  13. Comment by nfsmw | 29/07/11 at 6:37 pm

    what the password????

  14. Comment by Nour K | 09/09/11 at 1:05 am

    Hi! I got a Samsung s5620 monte but it doesn’t have the Arabic Language installed on it so all Arabic text messages appear as squares… do you have any idea where / how I can download an Arabic language pack???

  15. Comment by faith heart | 16/09/11 at 6:05 pm

    salam guys, hope anybody can help me here. I have Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670, I just got the phone and I really need some Arabic applications. I am living in the UK. I have downloaded all the required files for the model mentioned from the link provided (http://www.samfirmware.com/android.htm) considering the right region (Europe), however when I choose the .tar (zip file) in the ODIN Downloader, I get a message saying “invalid Model Binary”, I don’t know what’s wrong in what I am doing? please explain for me more about the .tar file, do I have to extract it first? do I use it for all (BOOT, Phone, PDA, CSC)?? Please help me I appreciate your help for this really :”) & thank you in advance.

  16. Comment by aviateurtn | 27/09/11 at 2:26 am

    ussd code error , what i can do :( (((((((((

  17. Comment by AbuSaleh | 04/10/11 at 3:34 am

    I just got my new Sansung galaxy S2 and the same problem. Have anybody asked Samsung about this problem? I mean not able to read arabic. They do sell same Galaxy in arabia with all driver why cannt they do it here in Europ. Cannt bwe reflash it to arabic language?
    Please advice
    Best Duaa

  18. Comment by Ghudai | 05/10/11 at 10:45 pm

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